Construction Details

Construction Details

Titan Brick is the only block manufacturer in the United States that produces a water resistant, interlocking brick. The bricks will be sold to home builders and contractors throughout the United States as part of a complete green home building system.

The Titan Brick:

Weighs: 20 lbs.

Exterior Brick Measurements: 8″ x 8″ x 4.5″

Interior Brick Measurements: 8″ x 4″ x 4″


Titan Bricks are not just a new kind of Brick; they represent a new concept and total building system.

No Drywall on walls

Almost without exception, every new building built today employs drywall as a finished surface for the interior walls. Drywall is the number one cause of mold and mildew and is found today in 90% of all homes built since 1960. Many people
have serious health conditions brought on or aggravated by mold and mildew and are not aware of the cause. Our brick walls are so dense, that when painted with any semi-gloss or gloss paint, they become totally water resistant.

No Interior Wall Framing

All walls are constructed with our bricks, so no wood should be needed for the walls of the home. The bricks are solid, they are very resistant to insects of all kinds, including termites. Wood is the number three cause of mold and mildew.

Less Building Time

All plumbing and electrical lines are installed as the brick wall is erected and finishing the walls is accomplished with a spray gun, so the total building time can be cut by up to two weeks. Our interlocking brick construction is very easy and contractor training will be accomplished by creating a DVD that will teach contractors how to build with the brick, step by step on or off the job site.