What is Titan Brick
Our flagship product is an amazing new earth-based, interlocking brick that is water resistant, fire resistant up to 1,800 degrees, insect-resistant, sound resistant, mold and mildew-resistant, insulates the home, saves energy and best of all; it’s one of the greenest construction material that exists on the market today.
What makes Titan Bricks better than a standard brick
Many new building products are introduced to the market every year. They usually involve new materials or designs with old ideas. Titan Bricks are not just a new kind of brick; they represent a new concept and total building system. 1. No Drywall on walls – Almost without exception, every new building built today employs drywall as a finished surface for the interior walls. Drywall is the number one cause of mold and mildew and is found today in 90% of all homes built since 1960. Many people have serious health conditions brought on or aggravated by mold and mildew and are not aware of the cause. Our brick walls are so dense, that when painted with any semi-gloss or gloss paint, they become very water resistant and incapable of supporting mold or mildew growth. 2. No Fiberglass Insulation in the walls – The number two cause of mold and mildew in the home. Fiberglass insulation loses all of its insulating value if it gets wet or compressed. Once it does get wet, mold and mildew will start to grow. 3. No Interior Wall Framing – All walls are made with brick, so no wood is needed for the walls of the home. Wood is the number three cause of mold and mildew, it also splits, cracks, swells when wet, will dry rot, warp, and shrink. 4. Less Building Time – All plumbing and electrical lines are laid while the brick wall is erected and finishing the walls is accomplished with a spray gun, so the total building time may be cut by up to two weeks. Our interlocking brick construction is very easy and contractor training will be accomplished by creating a DVD that will teach contractors how to build with the brick, step by step, on or off the job site.
What can the exterior of the home look
A textured material could be sprayed on the exterior of the home to make it look like stucco, wood siding, bricks or any other look desired. This is accomplished with the use of templates on the wall and spraying the textured material over the template. Once again, the textured material may bond to the brick and may last a lifetime before repainting is needed.
Why are the bricks so energy efficient
The energy savings on homes built with the bricks should be huge. The actual insulating value of any material is based on its resistance to the transmission of heat or cold applied to one side of the wall. Heat always moves to cold, hence, mass has an impact on this rating system, but there is no factor used to calculate mass ratings and variables when rating building products for insulating value. Resistance to heat and cold is the only factor taken into account when an R rating is given. When thermal mass is added to the calculation, our bricks outperform most other type of building material used today. As stated before, these codes are being re-written because of all the new products that have come out in the past few years that have proved energy savings, but had low R-ratings.
Are the bricks good for the
Our bricks offer a new concept in building where the raw materials are “GREEN” and abundant almost everywhere. The process for making the bricks requires less energy than any other type of building material, making the manufacturing process “GREEN”. Energy consumption is greatly reduced which will help “GREEN” the environment. The chemicals we use to waterproof the earth are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. These qualities alone would make our bricks stand out among other building materials but the list of advantages goes much further. There is absolutely nothing in our brick that would produce an odor or emit any type of fume or gas. In addition, they eliminate many of the products in the home that do have a detrimental effect on the environment. No trees have to be cut, no gypsum has to be mined for drywall and the amount of cement is drastically reduced.
What are the costs compared to standard construction
Using our system, the home could be built faster and the contractor may make more profit selling the home for the same price as conventional frame homes in the area. In the first few years, contractors may be able to sell these homes at a premium because of supply and demand. There is no price per brick at this time because we will be selling a building system and home prices vary from one area to another.
What holds the bricks together?
Mortar is the weakest part of a concrete block or brick home. We use a special adhesive which bonds to the brick, not just sticks to it. Once the bricks are glued together, they form a monolithic wall, much like a poured concrete wall
How soon can I build my home with Titan Bricks?
We are going to start licensing contractors early next year. All contractors will be required to certify through Titan Brick before being licensed.